Give Back Project

Take My Hand Girl!

Hey everyone! We're super excited to tell you about a really cool project we're working on. UniqueLife Wealth Solutions is teaming up with Take My Hand Girl, an amazing non-profit that’s all about helping young girls find their spark and confidence.

Take My Hand Girl has an awesome mentorship program where girls get to learn all about being strong, smart, and super capable. They're all about turning 'I think I can' into 'I know I can!' And we think that’s pretty great.

At UniqueLife Wealth Solutions, we’re not just about numbers and finance. We’re big believers in dreaming big and making those dreams come true. And we know that for dreams to take flight, you need a solid launchpad. That’s where we come in – not just as financial planners but as dream enablers!

We think it’s super important to give back and be the kind of adults we needed when we were younger. That's why we're so excited about partnering with Take My Hand Girl. We get to combine our financial savviness with their goal-getter mentorship. It’s like adding superpowers to help these amazing young girls shoot for the stars.

Together, we’re creating this cool space where these future leaders can learn about life, leadership, and even a bit about managing money. We believe every girl in the Take My Hand Girl program has the potential to be whatever she wants to be. And we’re here to cheer them on, every step of the way.

So, here's to building a future where every girl knows her worth, makes smart choices, and leads with her heart and head. We’re all in this together, shaping a world full of confident, empowered leaders. Let’s make it happen!

-Founder, Alice Harris-Moore

(TMHG) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 

August 2022 and located in Beaumont, TX.