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Term Life Insurance

Are you getting married? Planning to have children? Getting a new place? 

Congratulations. When it stops being you alone, it’s time to think about life insurance.

Term life insurance is one of the easiest insurance products and one of the most affordable ways to protect your loved ones.

With term life insurance, you buy coverage for a set time. It can be between 10 and 30 years. And if you die within that period, your family would get a large payout. Consider this payout like a safety net for your loved ones.

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  • I'm 30 years old and this was my first time looking at insurance policies. Not only was I able to find one at an affordable price but found a children's wholelife policy for my daughter. Best decision I've made. Thank you Kanishia at UniqueLife Solutions. 

-Jada Johnson

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Burial Insurance for Seniors

Protect your family now and into the future! There’s nothing more important to you than the people you love. You live for them and do everything you can to protect them. That’s why a Senior Whole Life Insurance makes so much sense.

Senior Whole Life Insurance is a great way to get life insurance if you are between ages 45 and 80. It comes in small amounts, so it can help pay for final expenses after you’ve passed away, helping your loved ones cover the costs of a funeral or any medical bills left behind.

Since it’s a whole life policy, it provides life-long coverage and premiums that never change.